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A Favorite of Mine: Organic Genmaicha with Matcha

Definitely still a favorite tea of mine. Out of all the teas we offer, it think this tea works great for me and my lifestyle. It's quite easy to brew, is 100% organic, and is blended with matcha so the drinker gets those benefits as well. Did I mention that it also tastes and smells fantastic?

Beautiful color to the organic sencha and organic genmai.

This is a classic that I usually take as my Japanese daily drinker. When brewing the initial steep the combination of the roasted rice aroma and the sweet aroma of the matcha fills the room. While the roasted rice smell is a bit easier to imagine, the smell of the ceremonial-grade matcha is really something you have to experience. There is a sweetness to it but not like cane sugar or fruit.

A dark green cup of goodness.

The roasted rice flavor also comes out in the taste as well, which is combined with the sweet, ummai taste of the matcha. The freshness of the sencha leaves also comes out as well, providing another level of sweetness with a little bit of an astringent aftertaste. You can brew it with water right off the boil which is one less thing to worry about.

This has been David Stokes, a friend of Den-chan

Have a wonderful day and tea time!