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A Roasty, Toasty Treat

Our Houji-Genmaicha is our tea of the month this month. So, I thought it'd be appropriate that I wrote a little blog describing it.

In general, I would advise that you try not to drink tea too late into the evening, not just because of whatever caffeine might be present in the tea, but tea or really any amount of liquid at night will be a cause of you going to the toilet in the early morning, like 1AM or 2AM. Not fun.

That being said, Houji-Genmaicha can be a great tea to drink in the early evening if you choose to as Houjicha in general is known to carry a lower amount of caffeine. This is a result of the roasting process. This tea in particular is, as the name sugests, a blend of houjicha, roasted rice, and popped rice.

Popped rice, roasted rice, and houjicha

This blend is amazingly aromatic. The smell, at least for me personally, almost has a sedating and/or relaxing effect. The smell really fills the room too so others can enjoy it. I find it is smooth on my stomach and tastes like a nice warm rice cracker.

This tea does very well with boiling hot water, though a tasty cold brew is also possible. The roasted flavor of the tea and rice is perfect for the upcoming autumn season.

Look out for a sample of this tea in your order so that you can try some yourself! I went ahead and picked some up because I didn't want to wait, though I can be quite impatient. Anyway, houji-genmaicha or not, have a wonderful day and tea time!