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Begin your Journey: Gyokuro Kin

I would imagine that there are a good amount of people who do not know what gyokuro is. Sencha and matcha are both popular styles of tea, but gyokuro doesn't seem to be mentioned or appreciated as much as these styles of Japanese tea.

Gyokuro is a very relaxing tea. It contains higher amount of L-Theanine than any other loose leaf green tea because of shading process. L-Theanine is a unique amino acid found in tea and very few other sources and is known for its benefits as a relaxant. L-theanine suppresses the stimulant function of caffeine and this is why high quality green tea helps you to feel relaxed even though the tea contains caffeine. This is a great health benefit (especially for mental health) for us this busy world.

Gyokuro Kin is a great entry-level gyokuro to get your feet wet. When brewing you can keep the water temperature at around 160F. Also, let it brew for about a minute and a half. The aroma of gyokuro is similar to that of seaweed and can be quite pleasant. As it is high in caffeine, it can provide us with a quiet energy boost.

We hope you give this gyokuro a try. Especially for people that like iced green tea or green tea brewed with cooler water, gyokuro can be a nice option.