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Caffiene, Matcha, and Coffee

This is David from Den's tea. I have a question for you today...
Which has more caffeine: tea or coffee?

Well, believe it or not, the dry leaf material itself contains more caffeine than coffee beans. It's true! What is interesting though is that, in making tea, you use a lot less tea that you use for making a shot of espresso. 

A shot of espresso.

With tea, the caffeine content will, of course, vary depending on brewing method, brewing time, product quality and even the area where the product was grown. As an added note, research shows, that unlike coffee, Japanese green teas, especially premium teas like Sencha and Gyokuro, also have a substantial amount of L-Theanine (amino acid). L-Theanine counteracts the stimulatory effects of caffeine and promotes relaxation.

Tencha leaves, used to make matcha.

We hope all our readers enjoys some high quality tea or even high quality coffee. Be well!