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David’s Tea Time: Organic Sencha Uji


Our Organic Sencha Uji has a shiny bluish color leaf and a seaweed type umami. These are the result of a short shading process and a special cultivar, Okumidori. I noticed when drinking this tea that it is markedly different that the Organic Sencha. Both are 2022 Harvests yet one was shaded (Org. Sen. Uji) and the other was not (Org. Sen.) The difference is mainly in the taste but also the consistency. The Org. Sen. Uji is a little bit more thick than the Org. Sen. The flavor of the OSU was much smoother than the OS. I personally like my green tea to be less bitter and more sweet and savory so this was great to taste. Without knowing that it was shaded, I could tell that this tea had some level of shading involced. This is where this tea being a blend of not only Yabukita but also Okumidori really shines. You can really taste the difference.