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David’s Tea Time: Tokoname Denchan Kyusu

This original Kyusu is hand crafted in Atelier Isshin in Tokoname, Japan. Atelier Isshin is craft center of professionals creating premium Kyusus. This Kyusu is suitable for most teas, but has been specifically crafted to brew our premium teas. An integral ceramic sieve called "Cera Mesh" strains the tea as it is poured which purists believe is the best type of strainer.

I find that the Cera Mesh sieve does a great job at straining even Fukamushi Sencha, which is known to have leaves that can be coarse and difficult to strain. As it can strain Fukamushi Sencha well, I find it has no issue straining other teas made of bigger leaves. If you wanted to have an authentic Tokoname kyusu with a traditional strainer this would be your best bet. This is my go-to kyusu for brewing all types of Japanese and Chinese tea. I also use it to brew herbal medicines that I drink for my digestive health and mental well-being.