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David's Tea Time: Bancha Suruga

Ever heard of our Bancha Suruga? Bancha can be noticeably more astringent than Sencha, but some people prefer that flavor. The leaves are also noticeably bigger than Sencha because Bancha is usually made of leaf material that is lower on the tea plant. Sencha usually receives a lot of praise for its flavor and beauty, but Bancha is also another option for those who like a bit more of a stronger cup.

Health-wise, Bancha is known to contain more catechins than Sencha. Bancha is also known to contain more of a unique ingredient called Polysaccharide. Polysaccharide restrains enzymes (i.e. amylase, sucrase) to metabolize the saccharide (i.e. sugar) and eventually may support healthy blood sugar levels. This makes Bancha the perfect iced tea for a summer cookout since more polysaccharides are extracted with cold brewing than with hot brewing.

So, if you want a cup of tea with some health benefits and a powerful, clean taste, look no further.



Have a great day and tea time!