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David's Tea Time: Iced Matcha Latte

Often used for the official tea ceremony, Koicha is the highest grade of ceremonial quality Matcha. Matcha lattes are usually made with culinary grade matcha so making a latte with this matcha is a real treat. Koicha is often made thick and,without having tried it, it might sound like the taste would be bitter and astringent. Actually, the opposite is true. It has a rich, creamy liquid and a thick sweetness that remains in your mouth well after the last sip. The brew itself is distinguished by its dark green color and I feel it’s brightening and enlivening energy when I sip it.

You can brew some Koicha in a bowl and, after it is brewed, add it to a glass of some planted-based or regular milk. You can add a sweetener to taste though it might be best to taste the true flavor of the koicha.

Happy sipping!