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David's Tea Time: Mugicha (Non-Caffein Japanese Tea)

Mugicha is a roasted barley grain tea which can be served warm or cold, and it is a non-caffeinated beverage popular among Japanese parents to give to their baby or toddler instead of water. It is not available in high-end restaurants, but can be found in more casual eateries throughout Japan. Korea has a similar drink called boricha, and China boasts the dama-cha beverage - both of which are quenching teas perfect for any time of day.

Tasting Notes: This Japanese tea has a roasted flavor with a cooling finish, making it the perfect beverage to have before bed. The roasting process gives it a coffee-like taste without the caffeine, so you can still sleep soundly through the night. This tea may be simple, but sometimes that's all I'm looking for in a drink. It isn't always necessary to choose something with multiple layers of flavor when all you want is something basic and refreshing.
• Smell: The really is something special about the smell of deep roasted grains. Mugicha, as previously said, is a delicious Japanese tea. I drink it throughout the night when consuming caffeine might not be the greatest option.
• The combination of the roasted grain flavor (barley) and smell just had a relaxing effect on me. Cold brewing the Mugicha accentuates more of the refreshing, astringent roasted flavor and is also nice to settle down whereas brewing the Mugicha hot, in my opinion, allows rise into your nose which seems almost naturally sedating.