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David's Tea Time: Sencha and Fukamushi-Sencha

Green teas are all the same, right?

At Den's Tea, offer different kinds of green tea. As a Japanese tea company we, of course, offer Sencha. We also offer Fukamushi-Sencha What is the difference?

Pictured about is our Fukamushi-Sencha Chiran

and here is our Organic Sencha.

The main difference between Fukamushi Sencha is steamed about 2-3 times longer than regular Sencha. Fukamushi itself means something like "deep-steamed" This results in coarser leaves and a milder, full-bodied cup. This deep steaming can also give the tea what feels like more of a viscous quality.

Some people, however, prefer a somewhat "thinner", bright and fresh taste of a regularly steamed Sencha. Everyone has their own preferences and we invite people to explore the variety of different high qualities teas we offer.

Have a great day and tea time!