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Emerald Beauty: Sencha Extra Green

Today we’re looking at our Sencha Extra Green. An excellent choice for those who want a tea that balances the grassy, higher notes of Sencha with the soft, sweet notes of ceremonial grade Matcha. These teas are pretty easy to brew as well, I usually just use boiling water but does well with 180F water.

As Matcha also contains a high amount of L-theanine, this tea offers an extra boost of calmness with each cup. What results from the initial brew is a vibrant green cup of goodness to satisfy yourself and perhaps a friend. The color of this tea is one of my favorite parts, besides the taste the simple sort of utilitarian nature of it. 

It is utilitarian in the sense that it doesn't require that you give a lot of attention to it. Of course, giving it your undivided attention might improve your drinking experience it is nice that, if you are in a pinch, you can through some of this in a thermos with boiling water and take it on the go. It's a really cost-effective tea that offers the health benefits of consuming matcha as well as sencha. We hope you'll give it a try some time as this is a classic that many of our customers enjoy.



Have a wonderful day and tea time!