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Fukamushi-Sencha Maki Tea Time

This Fukamushi-Sencha comes from, as the names suggests, a place called Makinohara. Fukamushi Sencha itself is a fairly recent type of Sencha that was developed during 1970's in the Makinohara area of Shizuoka. This is the place where this classic Fukamushi-Sencha comes from.

A recent picture of sun-soaking tea leaves in Makinohara.

This beautiful tea goes from slightly astringent to mellow. The flavor could be described as blanched Spinach or Kale or perhaps like the aftertaste of having eaten organic wheat bread.

A hot cup of Fukamushi-Sencha Maki.

The color was a nice deep green color and the aroma was smooth, almost sweet. The dry leave also had a rich green color and the classic oily character that higher quality Fukamushi Sencha have. Overall a great Fukamushi Sencha.

Have a great tea time!