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Green Calm: Koicha Hoshino

This matcha is, currently, the most premum matcha that we offer. Here are some notes I took of my experience when trying this matcha.

Tasting Notes

Koicha Hoshino has a very nutty and sweet flavor with a hint of a roasted finish. It is creamy and smooth on the pallet as if it is melting in your mouth which is deeply satisfying. I personally experienced a savory taste to the tea that is reminiscent of chicken broth. Being someone who hasn’t eaten meat in a long time, this Matcha was interesting to experience. After drinking it, I was surprised how creamy it was and wanted to go back to get more. The chlorophyll and caffeine in the tea helped me wake up in a gentle yet sudden way while the L-Theanine helped me stay relaxed for a while after the first bowl


The dry leave material almost beams with a radiant green color. The leaf material appears to be full with life because of how vibrant the green color is without turning yellowish-green or brown like some lower-grade matchas.

The smell of the dry leaf is like the taste of the tea liquid: there is a scent that like liken to chicken broth, but there are also notes of malted milk chocolate balls and autumn leaves. Suffice it to say, the smell of the dry leaf itself is quite enticing.

 Additional Notes Regarding this Tea

  • When brewing this Matcha, we recommend that you sift the Matcha through a fine strainer before whisking. This adds an additional silkiness to the texture of the brew.
  • You can whisk the tea in a “M” or “W” shape with your wrist to generate more froth.
  • This Matcha is made with a blend of Yabukita, Okumidori, Saedori, Saemidori cultivar material.
  • The tea is produced in the renowned village of Hoshino, in Yame. This is a place where premium Gyokuro and Matcha are grown in rich soil nurtured by the morning mist. You will experience a rich aroma when you whisk this Koicha.

We hope you pick up some this one. Have a great day and tea time!