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Guri Guri Guricha!

Have you heard of Guricha? Guricha is similar Sencha but with some fundamental differences in its processing.

Curly, bendy leaves of Guricha.

Normally after picking, tea leaves are steamed, kneaded and rolled. For Guricha, before the last kneading process, the tea leaves are rolled like ball. The final kneading of the leaves that Sencha goes through is omitted which leaves the tea in the shape of a "comma".

This omission also means the fibers of the tea are not broken down as much as Sencha. Guricha, therefore, is known to have more of a milder flavor than Sencha. For me personally, I  sometimes prefer to sip on Guricha over Sencha which I think can be a bit strong at times.

Have a wonderful day and tea time!