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How to Brew Genmaicha the Right Way

The unique, delicious scent of genmaicha comes from the roasted rice and tea leaves mixture. However, some people might not feel satisfied if it's brewed in the same way as regular tea. The truth is that hot water temperature and brewing time are both crucial to unlocking all the flavor has to offer. So, we will introduce you to the correct way brew genmaicha as well a slightly different method too!

The Best Way to Prepare Genmaicha

As mentioned earlier, to make genmaicha taste its best, you must be precise with the temperature and timing.

Point 1: Hotter Water Temperature

For genmaicha, it is best to prepare with boiling water instead of cooled water that has been boiled. Doing so will result in a more distinct fragrance and a refreshing taste. Additionally, because astringent components are present in lower levels, high temperatures will not make the tea less pleasant to drink.

Point 2: Amount of Hot water and Tea Leaves

The recommended quantity of genmaicha tea leaves is 2-3 grams per 100 milliliters of hot water. If you're brewing for yourself, use a bit more leaves than this.

Point 3: Extraction Time and Pouring Method

Pour the water directly into the teapot while it is still hot after boiling. Allow 20-30 seconds for brewing, then pour evenly until the last drop. Genmaicha has a distinct flavor change between each brew, despite the fact that it is prepared with the same amount of ingredients. If at all feasible, change the tea leaves after or at most after two brews.

Would Love to Drink Cold Genmaicha?

Genmaicha is particularly delicious when brewed in boiling water and consumed right away. However, there are situations when you want to drink it cold, such as during the hot summer or after a bath. So, how about a chilled genmaicha on the rocks instead?

Point 1: Brew from Hot Genmaicha

To start, brew genmaicha in boiling water like normal. Then, get a glass or pot and fill it with ice before pouring the hot genmaicha into it. The distinct aroma will be retained despite the rapid cooling from the ice, turning your drink into cold genmaicha.

Point 2: Add More Tea Leaves

To keep the melted ice from diluting the flavor, add more tea leaves while preparing cold genmaicha.


Brewing Genmaicha with a Twist?

Let's try a slightly different brewing technique for genmaicha with this type of extract brew method. The brewing process is to "use hot water at a somewhat lower temperature to extract for a long time." The starch of the roasted rice in genmaicha dissolves into the heated water, giving it a pleasant flavor. It has a smooth, mild texture and retains the distinct fragrance and refreshing aftertaste of genmaicha.

So now that you know all about brewing genmaicha the right way, go forth and enjoy this delicious tea! But be careful – it’s addictive. Once you start sipping on this perfect blend of green tea and roasted rice, you may find yourself coming back for more time and again. Thanks for reading, and happy brewing!