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Roasted Tea Stems: Houji-Kukicha

While our current tea of the month is our Houji-Genmaicha, there are other types of houjicha that we offer. The one I am featuring in this blog post is our Houji-Kukicha. While we might understand that the "houji" (or "hoji") part of the word means "roasted", some might be unfamiliar with the other part of word, "kukicha". So, what does this mean?

What is kukicha? 

Kukicha is a unique looking tea in that it contains stems and stalks from the production of Sencha. Prior to the roasting, it brews up a light, transparent green color with a mildly sweet, bright taste. Add roasting into the mix, it becomes Houji-kukicha and its flavors/body feel change.

Beautiful, autumn-colored brew

Houji-Kukicha infuses into earthy-brown liquor. Houji-Kukicha is often served in traditional Japanese restaurants between or after meals to refresh your mouth. Our Houji-kukicha is made of 1st and 2nd flush tea stems. The roasted flavor and aroma are robust but not overpowering. Especially on colder days, the Houji-kukicha can be quite nice when brewed hot. Being lower in caffeine, it might be a great option for brewing in the evening.

As always, we hope you give this one a try when you have a chance. Either way, have a great rest of your week!