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What Makes Shizuoka Tea So Delicious?

Shizuoka tea is a world-famous type of tea known for its rich flavor and pleasing aroma. The perfect balance of astringency (bitterness) and sweetness sets Shizuoka tea apart from other teas, making it a favorite among many people.
The deliciousness of tea from Shizuoka is largely due to the climate. With a temperate climate and ample sun and rainfall, Shizuoka is ideal for growing tea. The average temperature in Shizuoka is 14°C to 16°C, with only small fluctuations between summer and winter. There is also plenty of rainfall each year, making it an optimal environment for subtropical plants such as tea trees.
The taste of tea grown in Shizuoka also fluctuates based on the region in which it was planted. For example, leaves cultivated near coasts mature rapidly due to the warm and stable climate, leading to a cup of tea with a potent aroma and clean flavor. On the other hand, those harvested from plants in mountainous regions take longer to obtain because of drastic changes between day and night temperature as well as varying seasons; however, these ups-and-downs allow for sweet teas despite delayed harvesting timelines.
Honyama tea is a prestigious, long-standing brand of Shizuoka tea. Honyama tea leaves come from an upstream location of Abe River, located among mountains with large temperature variances. As a result, the tea produced in this area is sweet and rich with a light blue color that turns bright yellow when brewed. It also has refreshing astringent aftertaste.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate and conqueror, was especially fond of Honyma tea. It has also been gifted to the Meiji Emperor of Japan. Even in present day, this producer's teas are highly sought after; multiple winners National Tea Competition come from them.
In addition to the region where tea is grown, how it's grown and harvested matters as well. In Shizuoka, for example, family-owned tea farms handpick their green tea crops to ensure only the best leaves are sent for processing. Depending on how those leaves are processed, you can taste Fukamushi tea - Shizuoka's signature style of deep steamed green tea - or Hojicha which is roasted in addition to being steamed and has a distinct toasty flavor.
The care of dedicated farmers and the location are both ideal for growing green tea, which might explain why Shizuoka produces such deliciousness. All green tea from Japan is delectable, but if you get your hands on some leaves from Shizuoka, you may have found a new favorite.