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Sakura Ryokucha 2oz

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Sakura Ryokucha is a superb blend of Sencha, Kukicha, and Sakura leaf and flower. The blend of Sencha and Kukicha is well harmonized with Sakura’s natural flavor. Our Sakura flower is also unique. Normally Sakura flower is preserved in salt but the salted flower sometimes effects the flavor of the accompanying green tea. Our Sakura flower is uniquely preserved in sugar so that it does not disturb the green tea flavor and gives a subtle sweetness. Freshly dried Sakura flower also foretells of a happy spring!
Sakura Ryokucha is a seasonal tea, usually Available in early spring, and is in stock for only a month or two.

Origin: Shizuoka
Harvest: First Flush
Cultivar: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:The natural and friendly flavor of Sakura evolves in your mouth and nose while you enjoy the umami and freshness of Sencha and Kukicha.

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Leaf-water ratio: 2-3g(1 rounded tsp) per 4oz
Water: 180F
Steep: 60 sec
2nd Cup: Water boiled; Steep 15 sec

Sakura "Iced" Ryokucha
Put 50% more amount of tea leaves into a teapot.
Steep as directed for hot tea.
Once you brew it, put ice into the cup to lock in the aroma.