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Shincha Kunpu and Houryoku Are Available Now
Eighty-Eight Night ShinchaOur popular Eighty-Eighth Night Shinchas, Kunpu and Houryoku are in stock. These Shinchas were produced from high quality first flush leaves in early May and air-shipped to us. Here are my tasting comments for these great teas.

Shincha Kunpu:
kunpuWhen I opened the bag, I was so glad to smell a seaweed like aroma that reminded me of a great quality tea. Then I tasted a cup and the cup woke my palate up. This year's Kunpu brings strong and dry flavors. In the beginning, I felt a very dry fresh bitterness left in my mouth. Then that bitterness gradually turned to an Umami flavor with very slight astringency left behind…

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Shincha Houryoku:
Houryoku ShinchaI had been reported from our taster in Japan that this year Fukamushi Sencha is well produced, and I confirmed it even before tasting a cup. When I brew Houryoku and poured it into a cup, I saw the liquid was sticky and it looked savory to me. Then I re-confirmed it because the sip clung thickly to my mouth. It was so creamy and tasty like a green vegetable soup…

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Want to Taste Both Teas?
shincha tasteOur Shincha tasting set is 1oz of each of Kunpu and Houryoku. If you're not sure which Shincha you would like - Kunpu (light steamed) or Houryoku (deep steamed) - here's an opportunity to try both.

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Hashiri Shincha is Available
Hashiri Shincha 2015Our Hashiri Shincha, "the first of the first flush teas", is also available.

This is our highest quality tea and we still have some stock available. It will be next April 2016 before it is available again, so don't miss this super fresh Shincha.

See Den's Hashiri Shincha comments or order
New to Shincha?
Shincha 2015 "Shin" means new, and "Cha" means tea. Shincha, often called the first flush tea, is made from the tea picked at the first harvest in the spring. The first harvest of the year, usually from April to May, produces the highest quality tea in Japan. During the winter the tea plant goes dormant and slowly pulls nutrients from the soil. The first leaves of the season are rich with these nutrients, including amino acids and catechins. These enhance the flavor and aroma of the first-harvest tea. Shin-Cha has a bright, luminescent green color, strong aroma and pronounced sweetness.

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We also have updated Shincha information on our Facebook page.
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New Brew-in Cup and Mug
New Brew in cup and mug We are introducing two new products from our popular FORLIFE collection:
  • Uni Brew-in-Mug with Infuser & Lid
  • Lucidity Brew-in-Cup with Stainless Infuser & Lid
Like the other FORLIFE tea ware, they are simple modern designs and very functional. With either of these you can enjoy your personal tea time in your home or office.

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Buy TWO Get One Free - Tea Time Treats
For your Shincha tea time enjoyment, we are offering “Buy Two Get One Free” for all of our Tea Time Treats - Pejoy Matcha, Frosted Rice Snacks and Kameda Crisps (Kaki-No-Tane). This offer is available through May.
Introducing Organic Restaurant Matcha
Organic Restaurant Matcha We have been tracking several interesting trends in the US tea marketplace. First, the demand for Matcha is growing particularly as a flavoring ingredient in drinks and desserts such as Matcha Latte, pudding, iced cream, sweets, milk shakes, Boba and so on. Also the requests for organic teas are increasing at the same time. So it seems appropriate that we introduce cooking grade organic Matcha to our retail customers. This is a great ingredient for food and sweets and, of course, great for straight Matcha, especially Iced Matcha Green Tea!

Since this product was originally designed for restaurant service, only 1LB packages are available. We think the re-sealable stand up bag is convenient for household use.

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