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Organic Matcha Gift Sets

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Thank You from Den's Tea
Yuzu kukicha is back2016 was another wonderful year for Den's Tea. We enjoyed watching the increasing demand and sales of our Matcha - not only ceremonial grade but also restaurant grade Matcha. I had no idea that powdered green tea like Matcha would be so appreciated when we started business in 2000. During 2016 we exhibited at several business conventions - Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Anime Expo in Los Angeles and Coffee Fest in Anaheim where we stretched out of tea market and met new customers. Also we had many weekend demos at retail stores where we talked directly with individual tea lovers. 2016 was quite impressive year for me, and this was only possible because of your support. We appreciate your willingness to learn about and understand Japanese tea culture. Denís Tea will continue to provide you with high quality products in 2017 and we look forward to enhancing your tea time experiences.

Thank you.

Den Shirakata, President
Complimentary Sushi Cup with $50 Purchase
Denchan Sushi YunomiTo celebrate another wonderful year in 2016 and to show our appreciation for your love of green tea, we will be sending you a complimentary Sushi Tea Cup when your purchase of any of our products is over $50. This Sushi Cup is an original design with the logo of Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, Inc., our parent company. It is 8oz cup and great to use with meals when your dinner drink is healthy green tea. So drink lots of green tea and stay healthy this holiday season! Sushi Cup Blue: 8oz / 2.75"D X 4"H

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose it with shipments to your address when your purchase for any of our products is over $50 excluding S&H.
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New Denchan Organic Matcha Gift Sets!
Denchan Organic Matcha Gift Sets!This package includes everything a Matcha lover needs for a private tea ceremony - Organic Matcha, an original Denchan mini Matcha bowl, mini Chasen and Chashaku and brewing instructions, all conveniently wrapped in a clear case. This is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates Matcha and maybe they will invite you in for a wonderful sip of Matcha.
New Tatou Packaged Gifts!
Tatou Package GiftsYou can give any of our 2oz loose leaf teas gift wrapped in our fancy Tatou packaging. Tatou is a Japanese style paper made with Washi (Japanese traditional paper). Though itís simply folding paper, Tatou packaging is unique to Japan and is appreciated as a gift wrapping.
Yuzu Kukicha - Our Exclusive Seasonal Tea
Our Yuzu Kukicha is made with first flush Kukicha, dried Yuzu chips, and a hint of Matcha. Since Yuzu is usually available only in the winter in Japan, we are stocking this tea until the end of January 2017 or while supplies last. Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus, used almost exclusively for its aromatic rind. Yuzu is about the size of a tangerine and has an aroma that is distinct from lemons, limes, or any other Western citrus fruit. It is rarely eaten as a fruit. In Japanese cuisine its aromatic zest (outer rind) is used to garnish some dishes, and its juice is commonly used as a seasoning, somewhat like the way lemon is used in other cuisines. If you are familiar with Japanese cuisine, you will remember its distinct fragrance.

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Yuzu Cold Brew Iced Tea Teabag
Since both of our Yuzu Kukicha and cold brew iced green teas are very popular products, it was natural to introduce "Yuzu Cold Brew Iced Tea". While cold brew coffee has recently been gaining popularity in the North America, it' been several decades that Japanese tea has been enjoyed as cold brew iced tea. You might be familiar to our cold brew iced teas and know that brewing green tea with cold water brings out a soft and sweet green tea flavor without bitterness. Since this iced tea is made of Kukicha, you will also experience the Umami of the tea. It is packed in convenient 5 gram pyramid teabags. A glass of full flavored Yuzu green tea will refresh your body. Winter is coming, but iced tea in a cozy warm room is as joyful as in summer.
New Original Kyusu
We have 2 new original Kyusus. These small and regular size Japanese style teapots are produced with attention to the details Ė size, shape and built in sieve. Each one will bring you a wonderful cup of green tea!

New Matcha Tins
Since we started Den's Tea, we have sold Matcha Miyabi and Kaze in tins with Japanese labels. We thought the containers were cool and reflected the origin of the matcha. However, due to recent increasing demand of matcha, we have more customers who wonder if this is Koicha or Usucha i.e. ceremonial or cooking grade. Because we want more North American consumers to understand better what they are receiving, we have changed our labels. The new matcha name is Matcha Koicha and Matcha Usucha. Each Matcha is completely same as formerly named Matcha Miyabi and Kaze. Hope you like our new designs!

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Introducing Organic Houjicha Teabags
We are pleased to introduce our new Organic Houjicha teabags. Besides our award winning Organic Sencha and Genmaicha teabags, we believe Houjicha is another delightful tea with the convenience of a teabag. We have selected flavorful organic Bancha (even though it's roasted, the basic quality of tea leaf is very important to make Houjicha) and carefully roast and size it to fit in a teabag so that it will extract maximum flavor and aroma.

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