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Hashiri Shincha

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Pre-Order the Freshest Green Tea Now
hashiri shincha
At this time of the year, we are excited to announce that our Hashiri Shincha, "the first of the first flush teas" is just a few weeks away. It will be produced in late April in Japan. Once available and while it's super fresh, it will be air-shipped to Den's Tea.

We have started taking pre-orders for this super fresh gift of nature. Pre-ordering will guarantee that you won't miss out on this high quality, limited quantity tea and also entitles you to a 10% discount on your Hashiri Shincha order. Pre-ordering Hashiri Shincha with 10% discounts will be available through May 1st.

Again this year we are proud to announce that our Hashiri Shincha was grown exclusively on the Moriuchi tea farm where it was picked by hand. Tea grown at this farm has received many awards and the farm has been selected as a tea supplier for the Emperor's palace. See more about the Moriuchi Farm and Hashiri Shincha.

Click here to pre-order

Gift: Metal Bag Clip every Hashiri Shincha Bag
Tea bag
To keep your Hashiri Shincha as fresh as possible, we are pleased to offer our original bag clip with every bag of Hashiri Shincha! (Hashiri Shincha bags are not re-sealable like the ones we supply with regular teas.) This metal bag clip also can be used for sealing other bags, such as snack bags or even as a money clip!

No action is necessary. The metal bag clip is automatically included with each bag of Hashiri Shincha.

Introducing New Gift Can for Mother's Day
Our new gift can is a stylish metal square tin with a tight sealing lid. We are introducing this gift can with Hashiri Shincha and also Sakura Sencha with Matcha. This is a wonderful gift for Mother's Day.

Shincha Gift for Mother's Day: For many years in Japan, Shincha has been celebrated as a beverage of good fortune. The legend has been handed down that the young energetic tea leaves from the first flush will bring you health and long life. So it seems appropriate that Shincha is becoming a traditional Mother's Day gift. Mother's Day is May 14th and if you pre-order it for a gift, the Hashiri Shincha gift can is also eligable for the 10% discount through May 1st.

Click here for the Hashiri Shincha Gift and/or Sakura Sencha with Matcha

Good News for Tea Bag Users
Tea bag
If you have recently purchased our Pyramid Teabags (Sencha, Genmaicha or Houjicha), you might have noticed that the string and tag are different than before. Because of comments of our customers, we had made the string longer so that the tag won't be dragged into the cup. The tag is now a simple square without a notch. Thank you for your comments.

Sample of Month Gourmet Pyramid Teabag
sample of month
To introduce our even more convenient teabag, we have selected our Sencha Pyramid Tea Bag as the April sample. Besides the convenience, our Pyramid Tea Bag Sencha has simply a great quality Sencha with the leaves cut, roasted and blended specifically for our gourmet tea bags.

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose it with your shipment, but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.

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