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Why Deep Steamed Fukamushi Sencha?
fukamushi sencha "Fuka" means deep and "Mushi" means steaming in Japanese. As the name says, Fukamushi tea leaves are steamed longer, two or three times longer, than regular Sencha. The extra steaming breaks down the fibers resulting in a leaf shape that is coarser than regular Sencha. This produces an easy brewing tea with a darker color and a milder flavor.

But why did people start to steam tea leaves longer? What is special about it? The answers are hidden in its history.... Go Deeper Into "Deep Steamed" Fukamushi Sencha!
2016 Senchas and Fukamushi Senchas
senchas All of our Senchas (except Organic Sencha) and Fukamushi-Senchas are now available with the 2016 harvest. In May; the leaves were picked, steamed, rolled, kneaded and dried at our contracted farmers. Then at the facilities of Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, our parent company in Shizuoka, they were shifted, sorted, blended, roasted and freshly vacuum packed. Inventories are now in our local chilled warehouse in California and are ready to be shipped.

Click here to order Senchas / Fukamushi-Senchas
2015 Popular Teas Available at a Discount
discount We expect that the following teas made with the 2016 harvest will be available until early August:
We still have a limited stock of these wonderful teas from the 2015 harvest and are offering a 20% discount for them until we have the 2016 inventory. This is a great opportunity to stock up your favorite tea or to try a premium tea at a lower price. Quantities vary and this offer is subject to availability.
Review and Read Reviews for Den's Products
review We have added a customer review page for each of our products. Look for the "Write a Review" button at the bottom of the product page and share your honest evaluation with other customers. From the Write a Review page you can also read the reviews of others once they are posted.
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