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Gyokuro – Unique Japanese Premium Tea
Gyokuro Gyokuro, Japan's top grade of Japanese Green Tea, is an excellent balance of quality and value. Gyokuro tea bushes are carefully grown in the shade for about three weeks prior to harvesting in order to reduce the amount of sunlight they receive. In so doing, the theanine (amino acid) content of the leaf increases while the tannin does not. Gyokuro has a rich green color, a distinguished aroma and a sweet taste.

So what makes Gyokuro so special? Go deep Gyokuro…
2016 Popular Teas
senchas More of our popular teas are now available with the 2016 harvest. These teas are Premium Gyokuro Suimei, Gyokuro Kin, Bancha Suruga, Genmaicha Satsuki, Genmaicha Extra Green, Green Kukicha, Guricha and Karigane. Inventories are now in chilled warehouse in California and are ready to be shipped.
Cool Summer Gift from Den's Tea
discount A furin is a small Japanese wind chime which is traditionally hung from the eaves of the house during the summer and it is one of true symbols of summer in Japan. Our original Furin is rather unique in that it is shape like a Kyusu, Japanese teapot. This summer, we are pleased to give one Furin to customers who purchase any of our products over $50. Hang it outside or inside the room and we hope it will make your summer tea time cooler.

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose it with shipments to your address when your purchase for any of our products is over $50 excluding S&H. This offer is valid through August 31st or the supply lasts.
Sample of the Month - Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags
discount Mugicha is another true symbol of summer in Japan. Mugicha contains no caffeine because it is made from Mugi (barley). Its taste is robust and aromatic. Den’s Mugicha is available with the convenience of brewing in cold water.

No action is needed. We will automatically enclose a sample of Mugicha with your shipment, but note that the sample will be sent to the person receiving the order.
Write A Review and Get A $3 Coupon
review We have added a customer review page for each of our products. Look for the "Write a Review" button at the bottom of the product page and share your honest evaluation with other customers. From the Write a Review page you can also read the reviews of others once they are posted.

If you write review or reviews in August, we will email you a $3 coupon code. (The coupon code is issued one per email address.)
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