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Cold Brew Green Tea

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15% OFF All Cold Brew Iced Teas

15% OFF All Cold Brew Iced TeaTo celebrate August, the peak of the iced tea season, we want to share our enjoyment of our cold brew iced teas by offering a 15% discount on the following:

Cold Brew Iced Teas
Iced Green Tea Bags, Peach Iced Green Tea Bags, Mango Iced Green Tea Bags, Mint Iced Green Tea Bags and Mugicha - Iced Barley Tea Bags.

Iced Tea Items
MIST Ice Tea Jug with Basket Infuser
Airtight Pitcher

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Iced Tea #2

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Iced TeaLast month we recommend "Hot Brew" to make Houjicha iced tea. This brewing method was recommended because hot brewing Houjicha and other aromatic teas like Genmaicha or flavored teas results in a more aromatic and refreshing iced tea than when it is brewed cold. On the other hand, we recommend “Cold Brew” for green teas containing more Umami such as high-quality Senchas, Fukamushi-Sencha and Gyokuro. Put one teaspoon of tea leaves in a tea pot and pour the same amount of cold water as instructed for hot tea, but steep longer, at least 10 minutes. Or if you are sharing your tea with thirsty guests, put 5 grams of tea leaves in 20oz of water and infuse for 10 or more minutes. Strain tea leaves and the delicious cold brew iced tea is ready!

If you like convenience, we have cold brew tea bags with pure tea leaves specially processed to infuse in cool water. These large 5 gram pyramid tea bags contain specially steamed and fired Sencha leaves which have been blended with a hint of Matcha. The result is an iced tea with a cool green color and subtle sweetness.

2017 Teas

2017 TeasFollowing our Senchas and Fukamushi-Senchas, most of our popular teas are now available with the 2017 harvest. These teas are Gyokuros, Bancha, Genmaichas, Green Kukicha and Guricha. Inventories are now in our chilled warehouse in California and are ready to be shipped.

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