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Product details

Materials: Mask - Cotton, rayon
Adjustable strap/bias tape - Nylon, polyurethane
Size: 13 cm (Height), 18 cm (Width)
Adjustable strap part (22 cm at maximum length)
Produced in China using Japanese made raw cotton prepared using tea seed oil from Shizuoka Prefecture

Antibacterial Face Mask Antibacterial Face Mask Antibacterial Face Mask

Product details

  1. The double-layered mask interior uses “tea seed oil fiber”. This hygienic solution suppresses bacteria growth and cleanses the area inside the mask to prevent odors from forming even after extended use
  2. The mask fits comfortably across the contours of the face, making it easier to breathe, while tea seed oil is used to enhance the moisture retaining properties of the mask.
  3. The length of the ear straps can be adjusted to prevent ear strain.
  4. The mask is washable and reusable. Retains the same antibacterial effect even after 20 washes.

An environmentally-friendly sustainable mask.

With the aging of farmers producing tea, more and more tea plantations in Japan’s tea-producing areas are being left untended. The increase in abandoned tea plantations brings with it the very real risk that scenes of Japan’s traditional tea plantations will be lost to time. We view these abandoned tea plantations as a precious resource, and have worked with producers and welfare facilities to establish a system for gathering and processing a stable supply of tea seeds. Our latest use of tea seed oil is in a face mask.

Not only is this reusable mask environmentally friendly, it is also expected to help counter the abandoning of tea plantations by providing tea farmers with an additional source of revenue through the purchase of tea seeds in the same price range as tea leaves.

mt. fuji tea seed tea seeds

Tea plantation and tea seed  

tea seed and tea seed oil fibers

*What is tea seed oil fiber?

- Fiber (rayon) that incorporates tea seed oil extracted from tea plants in Shizuoka Prefecture
- Botanical resources extracted from plants - Uses edible oil containing tea ingredients
- Contains tea catechin (delivering outstanding antibacterial performance)
- Effective use of "tea seeds" - Sustainable and environmentally friendly
- Tea seed oil is kneaded into the fiber for a permanent effect (not washed away when washing) - Uses rayon for a pleasant feeling texture often used on the skin

Tea seed oil fiber functions

  1. Moisture retaining property - Tea seed oil gives a gentle, smooth texture
  2. Antibacterial/deodorizing properties - Extremely effective against staphylococcus aureus/Moraxella Osloensis
  3. Antifungal property - Extremely effective against trichophyton (lasts even after 20 washes)
  4. Functional sustainability - Effects from kneading tea seed oil into the fiber are retained

Example of products using tea seed oil fiber 1 - Cosmetic masks, surgical masks

  • - Catechin fiber is an antioxidative material fiber
  • - Mixes natural tea oil CoQ10 and vitamin E
  • - Antibacterial and deodorizing effect from a tea catechin
  • - Long moisture penetration period (moisture retaining property)
  • - Moisture retaining property of natural tea seed oil (ensuring the moisture penetration period)
  • - Uses tea catechin with outstanding antibacterial properties, allowing for repeated use
  • - Kneaded fiber brings beauty essence ingredients to the fore

Product example 2 - Bandages, body supporters

  • - Antibacterial properties helping keep affected areas clean
  • - A deodorizing effect that prevents residual medicine odor
  • - Rayon materials that soothe affected areas

Product example 3 - Inner wear, tights, pantyhose, socks

  • - Rayon materials offer a better feeling texture
  • - Peace of mind offered by using natural materials
  • - Outstanding antibacterial/deodorizing effect
  • - Tea catechin suppresses the growth of foul-smelling bacteria

Product example 4 - Bedding, towels, mats, pajamas

  • - Effect produced by the ever-clean tea catechin
  • - Sense of relaxation provided by natural materials
  • - Uses environmentally-friendly sustainable materials