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Hashiri Shincha Tasting Comments

Den Shirakata

Here are Den’s tasting comments for his Hashiri Shincha which is currently being shipped to our customers.

“When I opened the newly arrived bag of Hashiri Shincha, I sensed that the aroma rising from the bag welcomed me to another great new tea season. My first visual impression of the processed tea leaves was that they were longer and shinier than last year’s Hashiri Shincha, and this added to my feeling of high quality 2022 Hashiri Shincha.

As I do every year, I brew my first taste of Shincha in very hot water to experience all the tea’s taste profiles, both on and off-flavors. Honestly, I felt the cup had the taste of a pale cup, yet it was still very pleasant because I could sense the ancillary flavors of freshly cut grass, seaweed and spinach. At the tasting, my staff expressed tastes of kale, buttered saffron and unripe banana. This proved to me that this tea was blessed with the good weather and rich soil.