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Autumn is Matcha Time


As we move deeper into Autumn, much of North America will turn colder and become a great time to enjoy a warm cup of tea. Matcha beverages (sweet and non-sweet) will become popular in cafes and coffee houses, but how about a genuine cup of Matcha in the comfort of your own home on a cool Autumn day?
It’s easy and enjoyable if you have the right Matcha and the right tools. Here are our recommendations for making matcha at home.

The right Matcha

  • Koicha - High grade ceremonial quality Matcha
  • Usucha - Best for the everyday Matcha drinker
  • Chiyo-no-shiro - Very enjoyable and a premium ingredient for Lattes
  • Organic Matcha - Umami and creamy cup with a hint of an earthy flavor
  • Mt. Fuji Matcha Bowl – Traditional shaped Matcha bowl with a tribute to the Japanese World Heritage Site, Mt. Fuji.
  • Chasen – 100 prongs Bamboo Whisk.
  • Chashaku – Conveys just the right amount of Matcha to your cup.
  • Stainless Strainer - Sift the matcha before whisking for a smooth, silky beverage.

With everything in place, learn about the preparation of Matcha and enjoy Autunm Matcha Time!