Brew Easy for a Cup with Deep Color and Flavor

Brew Easy for a Cup with Deep Color and Flavor

One of the reasons Fukamushi-Sencha is very popular in Japan is easy brewing. You can have a consistent cup with Fukamushi Sencha even if you brew it casually. The extra steaming process used in making Fukamushi causes the ingredients to be extracted quickly. No need to be a brewing master. Anyone can get a deep green cup that looks like a professionally brewed cup. Yet, there are some tips for an even better cup.

  1. Choose the right teapot – Fukamushi Sencha contains finer and more broken tea leaves, and tea leaves could become clogged inside teapot while brewing. Choose a Japanese style Kyusu with a larger sieve inside. Our recommended teapots are:
    - Cream Pink Kyusu
    - Cream Green Kyusu
    - Midori Kyusus

  2. Pour the tea little by little into a cup by repeating an up and down motion for a deeper cup. This brewing video shows that you can adjust the cup strength by your teapot action. Even with the same amount of tea leaves, water and infusing time, the way you move your teapot makes your Fukamushi Sencha different!

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