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For Matcha Latte Lovers

Houjicha Iced Latte

For Matcha Latte Lovers, replace Matcha with one of our powdered teas (Sencha, Houjicha and Mugicha) for a new taste sensation!

Sencha Iced Latte:
Looks like a Matcha Latte, yet this Sencha Latte has a greener flavor and tastes more like a "Green Tea Latte"!

Houjicha Iced Latte:
Houjicha and milk are well suited to each other. Houjicha Lattes have a roasted aroma, with milk adding a sweet taste.

Mugicha Iced Latte:
Mugicha, sweetener and milk are very compatible. This latte has a robust flavor without caffeine. Worth trying!