Introducing Kabuse Sencha With Matcha Cold Brew

Kabuse Sencha With Matcha Cold Brew
Since the summer comes to its peak in August, we are introducing a seasonal cold brew green tea, Kabuse Sencha with Matcha. Kabuse means “covering” in Japanese, and the tea leaves of Kabuse Sencha are shaded from the sun for a week or so before picking. Kabuse Sencha is somewhere between Sencha and Gyokuro as the tea leaves were shaded for a shorter time than the shading for Gyokuro. The taste is also between Sencha and Gyokuro bringing you the freshness of Sencha and some umami like Gyokuro. Further, we added Matcha to make it even richer. We think this tea best for cold brew tea. The summer is passing quickly and we would like you to drink this ice tea every day, so we have prepared a big 6 oz bag with a reasonable price so that you can make this your daily drink!