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June Iced Tea Sale Week3

Powdered Teas

As we continue to celebrate National Iced Tea Month in June, we also continue offering a 10% discount on select iced tea products each week.
Here’s the sale offering for Week 3.

Powdered Teas (Sencha, Houjicha and Mugicha) 10% Off through June 21

Each of these powdered teas can be enjoyed as a hot or cold beverage or as a cooking ingredient. Additionally you can use it at home or while away because of its convenient powdered form.

Sencha Powder:
Refreshing iced green tea brings you all the benefits of green tea.

Houjicha Powder:
Delicious and aromatic ingredient for baking, ice cream and Lattes.

Mugicha Powder:
A non-caffeine robust barley iced tea, iced Mugicha is a traditional Japanese summer beverage for all ages.