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Matcha Koicha

Due to the powder to water ratio, Koicha is a viscous tea with a strong flavor and requires a very high quality matcha to produce the desired cup. Making Koicha with anything else will result in a bitter drink. As a consequence, the matcha needed for this type of preparation has been name Matcha Koicha. It is the highest quality Matcha.

  1. Gather together Koicha grade Matcha, Matcha Bowl, Chasen (bamboo whisk), Chashaku (bamboo spoon), strainer and hot water.
  2. Place three Chashaku scoops of Koicha grade Matcha into the bowl after shifting.
  3. Add 1 oz of hot water (180F) into the bowl.
  4. Knead it with the Chasen and it is ready. The recommended thickness is similar to melted ice cream.

Please note two items in the instructions. First there are three scoops of powder to one ounce of water, hence thick tea. Second the matcha is kneaded with the whisk, not frothed. Consequently, a cup of Koicha Matcha will not have foam on the top.