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Oolong tea from Japan

Honyama Oolong

People usually associate Oolong tea with China, but are you familiar with Oolong tea from Japan? Oolong tea drinkers are accustomed to the taste of Ti Kuwan Yin from China or Tung Ting Oolong from Taiwan which are the most popular Oolong teas. However, our Honyama Oolong has a unique flavor, something between those Oolong teas and Japanese Senchas. Our Honyama Oolong is a rare lightly fermented Oolong tea from Honyama, Shizuoka, and is made of special tea cultivar giving it a coconut like milky flavor with a sweet aftertaste.

Because it is made in Japan, Japanese sweets and teaware will enhance your Honyama Oolong tea time. Desserts: ​Japanese Wagashi Manju - sweet chestnut and potato buns. Teawares: Den’s Mizutama Kyusu and cup.