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Shincha Report #3

Mt. Fuji and green tea field

While we still have some Hashiri and Hachiju-hachiya Shincha, our tea factory in Shizuoka is very busy processing the 2022 harvest from other tea farms in Shizuoka prefecture. One of the best known areas is Mt. Fuji and our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, Inc. often buys tea there. The Mt. Fuji area is known for high quality tea and is also a very popular spot for photographers. We are glad to introduce some photos of Mt. Fuji and tea gardens that were taken in early May by Den’s friend, Hirotake Yamakita in Shizuoka. Hirotake is an enthusiastic photographer fascinated by Mt. Fuji, and has taken photos there for several decades. We made a photo gallery of his work on our website so please take a look.

Mt. Fuji & Tea Garden Gallery