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Shizuoka Unique Teas Set

Shizuoka unique teas

Would you like taste all three Shizuoka unique teas(Black, Oolong and Pu-erh) and compare their flavors? We made a set of 1oz bags with a special price so you can do just that. You can find your favorite unique flavor by drinking one by one or try a tea tasting party with your friends and sample all three together. This set will be available for a limited time.

- Wakoucha Mariko (Black tea)
It is elegant and calm, mild bodied, very fragrant and smooth.
- Honyama Oolong
A slight coconut milky flavor spreads to your mouth and nose and sticks on your tongue.
- Mori-machi Pu-erh
It is toasty and a little sour, but not muddy like old vintage Pu-erhtea.

Our Honyama Oolong is finally back in stock, so our unique tea trio from Shizuoka is here now. Thank you for your patience while we restocked.