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Tip for Brewing a Single Cup

Our customers often tell us that they feel a brewed single cup tastes weaker than multiple cups brewed in the same tea pot. So, if you often enjoy your tea time alone in the cool autumn months, here's a tip to maximize your cup’s flavor. You can adjust the cup strength by the motion of the teapot while pouring. Even with the same amount of tea leaves, water temperature and infusing time, how you move your teapot makes your green tea taste different! The picture above shows two cups brewed separately in the same way except for the pouring technique.

Our suggestion for brewing one cup, is to not pour the tea in one constant pour. Break up the pour into at least 3 segments just as if you were pouring for multiple cups. Your cup will have a deeper taste because the repeated up and down motion causes the tea leaves and water to mingle more.

We are not suggesting that you shake the tea pot during the pour. In fact, shaking your teapot hard makes a cup bitter. The motion is a smooth pour of ⅓ of the tea, pause, pour the next ⅓, pause, then empty the teapot. As with other aspects of drinking tea, there is no strict rule for enjoying your tea time, so find your own technique and have the best cup for you!