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Worst Selling Teas in 2023

While we talked about three of the best-selling loose leaf teas of 2023, we thought it might be fun to talk about our three worst-selling teas of 2023. It is not that these are bad teas but that we didn't promote them much in 2023.

No. 3 Organic Kukicha - This delicious tea made it to #3 on our "Worst Selling Loose Leaf Teas of 2024" list simply because it is new! We have not had a lot of time to promote this one. Our non-organic Green Kukicha seems to be a fan favorite and I’m sure the unique flavor of the organic version will be your favorite. We are sure it will be a popular tea in 2024.

No. 2 Mori-machi Dark Tea - Mori-machi Dark Tea is a rare fermented tea with koji culture (the same bacteria used to make sake). This tea brews up very dark and has an earthy and slightly sour flavor. While we didn't promote this one a lot, it also might seem a little intimidating to most Japanese green tea drinkers who are looking for a bright, verdant cup. We really hope you give this one a try sometime.

No. 1 Pineapple Sencha - This one I think is understandable as, with most of our customers, people come to Den's Tea looking for an authentic Japanese tea experience. Flavored teas don't really fit that bill. That being said, our flavored teas, such as the Pineapple Sencha, seem to do well with cafes where they serve it as iced tea. If you are ever curious about flavored teas that we offer, this wouldn't be a bad place to start.