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Fukamushi Sencha Matsuno - Den's Tea
Fukamushi Sencha Matsuno - Den's Tea
Fukamushi Sencha Matsuno - Den's Tea

Fukamushi-Sencha Matsuno

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Fukamushi Sencha Matsuno is grown in Matsuno place that is somewhat unknown in Shizuoka’s Honyama area. Honyama is the oldest mountain tea area in Shizuoka and known for traditional premium tea, especially lightly steamed beautiful (needle shape) Sencha. A farming group in Matsuno, however, has dared to produce Fukamushi Sencha in this distinctive area because they believed the Honyama tea leaves could be the best for Fukamushi as well. The leaves grow thick under full sunshine having both strong Umami and bitterness, then they successfully remove bitterness by steaming longer (120-130sec) and leave only Umami. Further they found they made it even better with special cultivar “Okumidori”. Okumidori has deep green color cup, light sweetness with little astringency. Fukamushi Sencha Matsuno is made with a great passion by Fukamushi lovers and is a very quaffable Fukamushi Sencha.

Origin: Matsuno, Shizuoka
Harvest: First Flush
Cultivar: Okumidori

Tasting Profile:
Dark green cup. Fresh and creamy sweetness in front and slight comfortable bitterness aftertaste.

Den's Preferred Brewing:
Leaf-water ratio: 2-3g(1 leveled tsp) per 4oz
Water: 160F
Steep: 45 sec
2nd Cup: Water @ 180F; Steep 15 sec