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Organic Houjicha Powder
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Organic Houjicha Powder

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Den’s Organic Houjicha Powder is made of finely ground whole leaf organic Houjicha, specially roasted and blended to make a very flavorful powder. Houjicha flavor has been very popular for lattes, ice cream and many other treats in Japan.

Tasting Profile:
Houjicha powder is as fine as matcha, yet it will feel a bit rough to your tongue. Thus, its use as an ingredient in food items is ideal rather than drinking it straight.

Try this powder by replacing Matcha with the same amount to make lattes or any other Matcha food item you like. We specifically recommend it in any cold treat such as iced Houjicha Latte, Tiramisu or ice cream!

Recipes with Houjicha Powder:

iced Houjicha Latte ice cream hot Hojicha Latte
Add cold milk and sweetener for iced Houjicha Latte Pour it on your favorite ice cream or cereals
Add hot milk and sweetener for hot Hojicha Latte