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Best Selling Teas in 2023

Some of our teas are fan favorites year after year. Our top sellers seem to give people a good idea of the freshness and quality of our tea. Since we are still in the beginning of 2024, we thought it might be nice to talk about the top three selling teas in 2023. That way, in case you were looking for something to try, we could make choosing a tea a little easier.

NO 1. SENCHA FUKAMIDORI - The popularity of this tea is a result of our steaming, blending and roasting technique. It represents Den’s Tea standard and if you are new to Den’s Tea, this is the tea we suggest you try first. It is a good benchmark for beginning your exploration of our teas.

NO 2. ORGANIC SENCHA - This is an organic version of our traditional Sencha. It is grown and processed in a certified organic environment and not processed or blended as much as Sencha Fukamidori. As a result, the taste is simpler and earthy.

NO 3. SENCHA EXTRA GREEN - This is a great combination of two of the most popular teas of Japan. We use high quality Sencha and ceremonial grade Matcha. The first cup gives you a nice umami flavor of Matcha and the second cup tastes more like Sencha. This tea provides two great tastes in one brewing.